John Adams

Sales & Marketing Consultant

“Thirty years in the investment industry helping customers achieve a positive result is what I’m about. Knowledge developed as a stock exchange floor trader and a property consultant in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast has served my customers well.

Real estate offers a variety of investment options including house and land packages, townhouse developments or apartments; all of which I’ve been involved with.

People say that I’m honest, trustworthy and that I sell with integrity. I appreciate that. Creating the right investment portfolio for a customer is important and I’m sure my cross market knowledge is helpful in designing the right mix.”


Ask John Adams if you should proceed with a real estate purchase and he’ll answer you honesty with your goals in mind and not his.

A self-backing, confident professional with exposure to decades of property cycles gives John Adams an edge over most marketing consultants. He’s seen both good and tough markets and he’s well equipped to help you adjust your strategy going forward.

In a ‘prior’ life John participated in the fast paced share market as a stock exchange floor trader where energy, sharpness and a quick mind were paramount for successful trades. John brings these skills to property industry, albeit at a slower pace. His appetite to serve the best interests of his clients still rings through.

Ask John’s clients what they would say about him and you’d hear “Experience counts. Having a broad depth of knowledge across many property markets and cycles tested over decades of time gives us confidence that we are on the right track.”