Vidal Wills

Sales & Marketing Consultant

“I love real estate and I love helping customers – that’s my passion. In my 11 years as a real estate professional, I’ve been a sales consultant, an asset manager of a $200 mill property portfolio – and a property buyer, renovator and seller myself. When I’m entrusted with the responsibility to market a customer’s most prized asset, their home, my broad and successful real estate experience gives me the confidence that I’ll do the very best for them.

Real estate is such a great medium; there are so many variables. My role is to understand my customers needs and to provide them with the very best outcome.

When I’m not showing homes, meeting with buyers or sellers, I love spending time with my wife and family.

People say I’m tenacious, focused and results driven. I’m happy with that. I understand it’s a big decision to buy or sell your home; I’m here to give you the best experience.

I look forward to helping you soon”


Put Vidal in front of a customer and they immediately pick up on his professionalism. They know they are dealing with a real estate sales consultant who has actually sat beside them – as a buyer, a renovator and a seller.

Customers immediately feel they are in good hands. They are dealing with a knowledgeable real estate agent and that makes them feel safe.

And if a customer is needing solid investment recommendations, an understanding of how to maximize their investment property, Vidal’s management of a $200 million property portfolio speaks confidence in abundance in finalizing their next purchase. Customers know they are doing the right thing.

Ask customers why Vidal is so successful and you hear:

“He’s a breath of fresh air in the Gold Coast real estate market. This guy knows what he’s talking about – he’s actually done it for himself and his family. We feel confident that he’s got our best interests at heart. We’ll engage Vidal again.”