101 Terrible Real Estate Photographs Posted By Real Estate Agents

Friday 12 Apr 2019

Thankfully none of our real estate photographs are included.

Selling your number one asset takes a lot of effort. At First National Paradise Point we understand the importance of getting the best price for your home is what you deserve.

So spotlighting your home in its best light is very important.

Tidying up around the house, decluttering bedrooms and living areas as well as making your garden shine all goes a long way to getting the best price in the shortest possible.

First impressions are very important to attract a new buyer to your home. And that usually starts by viewing your home online via a real estate portal. If your property's photos don't grab a potential buyer, there's little chance they'll inquire about your home, let alone want to inspect it.

Choosing the right real estate who cares about your home as much as you do is essential. We do.

But some agents clearly don't. They are thinking more about their back pocket not about showcasing your property in it's best light. Here's what I mean.

1. ”Let's not worry about the backyard” real estate photographs

2. “Inside is a pigsty” real estate photographs

3. “The photo paints a thousand words” real estate photographs

While these pictures may have given you a few laughs of disbelief, these along with the other ninety-eight in the below link, have actually been used by real estate agents, which if used in 'promoting' your property, wouldn't be funny.

If you really want to highlight your property so it attracts the right paying buyer, here's what you should be doing.

Go professional for great real estate photographs

Real estate photographs by professional photographers make a property stand out. Ans that's important. You need to be able to stop thumb scanning buyers right on your property and click the button for more details.

It's the step before they contact your agent and book a time to inspect. And that's essential.

Declutter for better real estate photographs

Show off the property by having free flowing spaces. Remove excess furniture. Put away the ironing board in the lounge room and straighten the pictures on the walls.

A camera when used wisely can also hide 'ugly' areas but it can't remove excess stuff. That's where a good real estate agent and a photographer with a good eye and attention to detail comes in.

Kitchen real estate photographs

Kitchens when first designed are areas of art. But soon as life takes hold, they can become a cluttered mess.

The toaster, blenders, mix master, knife board, microwave and mini oven soon take pride and place on the valuable bench space. And this is the area you need to showcase.

Women buyers want to see how much bench space they are getting with their new home to prepare mouth-watering meals for the family.

Highlight your benches by removing unwanted items to under the benches or build extra storage areas above to house these everyday items.

You may think buyers have imagination and can picture a decluttered kitchen, but most can't.

Help them see clear spaces and this will help you sell your home faster and for more.

Bedroom real estate photographs

It's your sanctuary in your home. Do a mini spring clean. Make the bed, fluff up the pillows and straighten the photos.

If you're selling your home in spring or summer, lighten the room with light, bright or neutral colours.

Winter colours should be warm and cozy.

Good lighting for real estate photographs

Pull the curtains back and let good natural lighting do its magic to show off your property.

If there are any dark spots, turn on the lights or your photographer may use a soft light box to capture your home in its best light.


Never use real estate photographs taken by an amateur.

Smartphones do have great cameras in the latest versions but they are no replacement for professional photographers. They know how to capture your home in its best light and that's important.

Otherwise you might end up with less desirable real estate photographs like these other ninety-eight on http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/. If you're looking to sell your home, contact us and we'll make sure your home sparkles with great professional real estate photographs. Getting you the best price for your home is our priority.