5 Most Important Factors In Selling Your Home In 2019

Friday 10 May 2019

Selling your home in 2019 is facing some serious challenges, especially for the unprepared. 

With a ton of real estate agents competing for your business, it’s even more important that you do your due diligence when deciding who to appoint. 

Agents offering over the top sale prices coupled with low commission fees seem appealing at first. But scratch the surface and you soon discover these relationships more than often end in tears, mainly for you the seller. 

Then there are the agencies that offer slick marketing with bikini clad girls sipping cocktails around your pool and suave real estate agents stepping out of Ferraris or Lamborghinis. This marketing comes at a price, usually $30,000 plus. But does it really help in selling your home? 

Why Slick Marketing Campaigns Won’t Help You 

  • The customer finds it hard to look beyond the gimmick. Bikini clad girls don’t sell houses. 

  • Product value doesn’t come through. Viewers are stuck on the gimmick. 

  • Booking a real inspection is low. The customer perceives the home is too expensive and the bikini girls won’t be there to serve them a cocktail anyway, so why book a call. 

  • The agency lacks real skill in selling your home – getting buyers to actually buy is a skill. 

Selling your home in 2019 is becoming more of an online battle than ever before. Buyers are making more decisions based on their own online research.  

Good real estate agencies are helping customers with that research. They are making the process easier and more beneficial. Customers in the online world want convenience. Real estate agencies that provide a convenient experience win. 

Vendors who deal with real estate agents that offer good: 

  • Branding 

  • Discoverability (SEO) 

  • User experience 

  • Transparency 

  • Engagement 

will find selling their home a more rewarding and successful experience in 2019. 


An agency’s brand embodies a set of values related to their core endeavours. Older agencies might have displayed that in their mission statement on the office wall. In today’s environment these core values are displayed more through actions like customer experiences, community involvement and satisfaction surveys.  

First National Paradise Point takes the responsibility of selling your home very seriously. They are real estate buyers and sellers as well and want to ensure you achieve the best possible result by offering highly skilled, well trained staff to guide you through the haze. 

No gimmicks, no tricks just great customer service built from the highest integrity to ensure you have the best customer experience.  

Consumers relate to a brand. That’s why agencies with a recognisable brand like First National’s 400 Australia wide network, are easily recognisable.  

And when the brand wins the coveted Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer Award two years running, customers feel instantly better in dealing with an office. First National is a customer centric brand! 


With real estate sellers doing most of their searching online, an agency needs to be close to the top of the Google rankings for their brand and keywords that relate to their customers searches. 

It can be a long costly process which is why smaller, independent agencies find it difficult to be discovered. They simply don’t have the financial capabilities to keep their business in the forefront of searchers. SEO is an ever ongoing process.  

And if that’s the case, buyers won’t know if your home is available for sale. SEO is an ever ongoing process. 

Poor SEO ranking agencies tend to use outdated marketing promotions like newspaper advertisements, usually at the customer’s expense. And that can be very costly often returning little or no results. 

Without a supporting digital presence these types of promotions won’t work well in 2019. 

User Experience 

Customers love a great user experience when they visit a real estate agent’s website. 

They want more than a bunch of listings though. They are looking for well researched, valuable content to help them with their buying or selling decisions. 

First National Paradise Point offers an easy navigable website with great articles within its blog along with great suburb profiles for readers to get the feel of their area. 

Also, by being part of a large network means easy access to information Australia wide by customers while they are mobile. First National Paradise Point’s website is mobile friendly meaning the content on the page fits perfectly on a mobile device without being scrunched; thereby making it easy to read. 

The company also uses technology that allows them to send customers reports via their phone with just one click or sms text. A great user experience when you’re on the run. 


Ever visited a real estate agency website and found it difficult to find the company’s contact details or who is actually behind the company. Makes you suspicious, right? 

While customers love doing business with a brand, they want to know who is behind that brand, its address, phone number and email address. 

First National Paradise Point makes it easy to find their location and their team profiles allows you to personally connect. 


Getting people know, like and trust you requires initially engagement.  

The best ways to engage with a real estate agent is via their social media platforms and their email newsletters. 

Delivering information the customer wants keeps them returning to these platforms regularly. 


Selling your home in 2019 requires you to connect with the right agency. 

In a digital world, agencies that you should be doing business with don’t rely on outdated methods of sale nor try to convince you to adopt expensive television campaigns that are really seen as advertising gimmicks. 

Instead a real estate agency that has a solid brand, is easily found in the Google rankings, delivers a great user experience, engages with its customers and is transparent in its dealings, should be first on your shopping list when selling your home in 2019. 

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