4 Old School Home Marketing Tactics That Are Making A Comeback In 2019

Tuesday 06 Aug 2019

Home marketing has been swamped in recent years that digital marketing is the holy grail to selling your home faster and for more. But with Facebook marketers burning home seller's cash like on bonfire night, old school marketing is on the comeback - and it's proving to be hugely successful!

If you're trying to market your home via an agent's Facebook page using just a generic post, most likely only 2% of their followers will see your prized possession. And that's not enough to sell your home.

Sure, you could add a bit of paid advertising on Google but with retail businesses only getting around 1% click through rates, it'll be hard to find your perfect buyer.

Email marketing is great BUT your agency needs to have an engaged list of buyers. Most don't however fortunately for Gold Coast sellers, First National Paradise Point is the exception here.

So what's left - SEO?

Having an agency's website rank well on Google is great for them, but not directly for you the seller.

However what it does mean with the agency being found on page one of Google for a search term (Paradise Point real estate agents - First National Paradise Point ranks #1), there is a higher chance of buyers who are visiting the site to gain information.

BUT SEO is a long-term play and can be expensive and let's be honest, real estate agents along with most business owners, don't have a clue how to rank their websites within Google's Top 10.

This starting to sound very depressing but there are a few 'old school home marketing tactics' that are performing well in 2019. Let's check them out.

1. Direct Mail Gets Seen

Are you serious? Harvey Norman catalogues, best buys at Aldi or Myer's Annual Sale brochures normally go straight to the bin, right? Most of us do it. So why then do such large, profitable companies continue with these marketing messages if they don't work? The answer is simple. They do. And here's why. Every day we Aussies get bombarded with on average 121 business emails. Our inbox is crammed.

A lot of us skim, brush over these emails potentially missing important information (like the sale of your home). To add to this inundation, most people on average send around 40 emails a day. Put simply we don't see emails (there is an exception - see point 4). Direct mail, the flyers, brochures or catalogues, you get in your letter box are seen. Maybe not always read but are seen.

According to the Direct Marketing Association USA (DMA) 100.7 million adults bought something from a catalogue in 2016. Direct mail is also read by 42% of recipients as well. This is much higher than email open rates (although a good database can achieve or better this - First National Paradise Point has one). So when your agency suggests doing a flyer campaign in your area, give them a clap. Your home has a good chance of being seen by potential buyers.

2. Seminars Attract Buyers

Popular in the nineties, property investment seminars took a hit in the early 2000's when many spruikers were charged with selling overpriced real estate. And that's been a good thing for the industry. There are still some dodgy operators around; so how do you find the real wealth builders? Talk to the seminar operators about their real estate successes. Get a feel of their real estate buying and investment habits. The Directors of First National Paradise Point walk the talk, they buy and sell real estate and they understand wealth creation via property, they just don't spruik it. So what's in it for sellers by going with an office that runs seminars? They have events full of potential buyers; maybe your home is the right fit.

3. Calling Buyers Works

Speaking with buyers over the telephone generally increases the potential to do business by a whopping 83% (AT&T 2017). That's staggering! Yet the majority of real estate agents are reluctant to pick up the phone. 'Phone-phobia' is real, especially amongst new sales people. Older, more experienced agents sometimes fall to this disease preferring to hide behind a computer and waiting for buyers to walk through their agency door. Sadly, the never do.

At First National Paradise Point, not only do their staff attend industry accredited training provided by their Network, this agency also employs an in-house telemarketing team that speaks to thousands of potential buyers every month. You only need one buyer to sell your home.

4. A Database That's Engaged

You may be forgiven if you thought I was on an 'email marketing bashing' in point 2. Nothing could be further from the truth. A healthy email database of engaged readers actively seeking correspondence from the sender is a skilled well-crafted by the Paradise Point team. Email still offers a 44 times higher return over any other form of marketing, including Facebook marketing. Done right this is where you get your best bang for buck. There are prerequisites to having an engaged email list though - an attractive or curious heading, valuable information and an irresistible offer. The Paradise Point team knows this. Be wary of an agency who is telling you that email is dead - they simply don't know what they are doing. And if they are fouling up with this form of home marketing, what else are they getting wrong? First National Paradise Point has tens of thousands of self-registered buyers looking for a new home or real estate investment. Shouldn’t your home be in front of them.


Marketing a home in 2019 is an evolving campaign. Some agencies only sprout online marketing tactics and shun offline strategies. Others do things vice versa.

In reality, homes sellers need to adopt a combination of both.

In 2019 there has been a push back to old school home marketing tactics and there's real evidence they work.

Here's the bottom line. Your home needs to be in front of buyers.

Dropping flyers, running property seminars, employing telemarketers and having an active database may seem to be old school, not funky and definitely not sexy - but they actually work. And if you are a seller, you want what works - and First National Paradise Point delivers.